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Tennis for kids

Frindsbury LTC is again  a provider for this national LTA programme aimed at encouraging 4–11 year olds to take up and enjoy the sport.

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Our Coaching Team
All coaches are LTA licensed, insured and DBS checked.

For information on coaching, contact Jim Barton:
07803 368450

Jim Barton, Head Coach
Level 3 qualified, 25 per hour
Jim offers coaching for beginner and intermediate level players. He is highly experienced in running junior programmes, and is a Davis Cup Legacy programme Coach. He is also a qualified LTA Referee and LTA Tournament Organiser.

Matt Gregory
Level 1 qualified, 25 per hour

Matt is active member of FLTC and plays for the British Army. As a junior played in various county and regional events.

Darren Marshall
Level 1 qualified, 25 per hour

Darren was introduced to tennis by his parents and has FLTC in his blood, having virtually grown up at the club. He is Men’s Captain at and his name appears frequently on the club honours boards for various events.

Connor Webb
Connor started his tennis journey at the age of 10. From age 14 he spent lengthy sessions at the JC Ferrero Academy in Alicante, Spain, after which he was moved up into the second highest professional group along with Nicola Kuhn (European number 1). After 2 years off with injury, he is now back  playing under the guidance of his coach Matt Short (who has been the hitting partner for Novak Djokovic and Verdasco). Connor’s ATP ranking is currently 182.

Joanna Smith
Junior Support Coach/Hitting Partner, 15 per hour

Joanna been playing tennis for over 10 years, representing club tennis within Kent leagues. In 2016 she was selected to take part in the National Officials programme at Loughbourough University, and in 2018 was a selecteda participant of the She Ralllies training event held by Judy Murray at Eastbourne.

Junior Coaching

6–7.30 pm 
Performance Juniors
(10 per session)

4–5 pm  
   Mini Red and Red Plus (6 per session)
5–6 pm      Mini Orange and Mini Green (6 per session)

9–10 am    Mini Red and Red Plus (6 per session)
10–11 am   Mini Orange and Mini Green (6 per session)
10.00–11.00   Mini Green (6 per session)
11–12 noon   Junior Development (6 per session)

To attend squads or individual lessons, juniors must be either a junior member or a coaching member, and a British Tennis Member.

Junior coaching programme
Coaching for juniors is divided into age categories.
Mini Red: ages 5–7 years
Mini Orange – ages 8–9 years
Mini Green – ages 9–10 years
Junior Development – age 11 years and over
Junior Performance – age 11 years and over, by invitation of the coach

Coaching for those up to 10 years follows the LTA Mini Tennis Programme. Smaller courts, nets and rackets and lower bouncing balls are used, these becoming progressively closer to full-sized as players progress from Mini Red to Mini Green. The Mini Tennis Rally Awards scheme allows mini players to learn in stages, with regular rewards to encourage them to develop their tennis skills at a pace that suits them.

At 11 years and above players use full-sized courts and rackets, but softer balls.

LTA ratings and rankings
In order to get an age-group ranking you need to have a British Tennis rating and have competed in an LTA-sanctioned tournament (graded 1–5). For more information, contact Jim Barton (Head Coach) or go to the
LTA website.

Book a place on a squad/day camp or contact
Head Coach Jim Barton at:
07803 368450

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