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Membership update

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

A big hello to all our members!

We miss you all a lot and hope you are all safe and well. To our key worker members and friends - Thank You for everything you are doing!!

We wanted to drop a few lines to give you an update from things from here. As most of you are aware summer membership usually starts from 1st May but as we currently do not have court time, we feel it's important to make everyone aware of the changes we will be making to take this into account.  

New guidelines on return to play:

1/ Yearly renewal period starts one month after access to club is allowed for those that have pre-paid. 2/ Extension of one month given to those that have seasonal or late in year commencement of payments. 3/ New membership applications are started from receipt of payment. 4/ Renewals will be based on 12 calendar months not a fixed year pro rata. This will allow consistency and clarity of pricing and management. 5/ Court bookings via the app will be as above, members only. Your access to the app will be granted as per your paid membership. 6/ The app will be used (subject to further trials) for membership renewals, payment and communication. *Exception to this can be made for 'historic members' who can pay as they have always done so. 7/ Monthly DD will be £20.50 per month to cover transaction fees. This will also allow yearly payers a feeling of better value. DD set up by the app. 8/ Three months minimum membership is required for DD monthly payers. This brings us in line with thoughts by seasonal user needs and new member applications and should grow the club.

We hope this is clear but please contact if you have any questions and for fee details for all membership enquiries including junior and coaching.

Please also make sure you are following the club on Twitter @frindsbury_club for the latest news and updates. We will be following strict government guidance with regards to re-opening once it is safe to do so.

Keep safe & see you all soon!

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